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More About Ducking From Angels


After the success of Walk The Walk, I was encouraged by several colleagues to write this special edition of that book. The same respectful but hard- hitting tone is found in Ducking From Angels. With special editing and four additional chapters, Ducking From Angels focuses on the authority and trust that was broken by Clergy offenders, and the unique trauma that the victims of Clergy offenders have endured. It is not a treatment program, but as the title implies it is a treatment supplement meant to augment existing sex offender treatment curriculums. In a respectful but powerful way, Ducking From Angels-Falling From Grace becomes a mirror for the offender, encouraging him to honestly look at himself and the damage he has done beyond any facades that religious titles or protective Clergy collars can provide.


¡䨥 recent sexual abuse scandal in America which seemed to rock the Catholic Church from its foundations has caused many to question their Faith, their Clergy, and their GOD.  In my opinion, Tim Horton¡¯s book Ducking from Angels-Falling From Grace:  A Treatment Supplement for Clergy Who Sexually Offend not only represents one of the greatest chances of restoring trust where trust has once been lost; but also gives treatment providers an essential tool to combat this epidemic. Clergy who sexually offend are a very distinct and esoteric population of offenders and this book provides the ¡®ammunition¡¯ needed to attack their distorted Christian belief system.  It initiates insight, assists the offender in making better choices, and holds the offender accountable for his behavior.  While Clergy offenders may have temporarily 'fallen from Grace,'  this book most importantly teaches them that there IS hope for the future and they may still walk with God if they wish. What more can we ask for?¡쯰>

Matthew Opesso, M.A.  Researcher

Catholic Bishop Sexual Abuse Study

John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Alive Man Walking
  2. Amazing Grace - Here I set the foundation for this book as the amazing grace of God. Without God¡¯s grace, there would be no reason to write this book
  3. Forgiveness, Consequences and the Symbionese Liberation Army - Using news from the headlines, I discuss the reality of the long-term consequences of your behavior, even though you are forgiven and covered by God's grace.
  4. You Are Not An Island: The Siege at Khe Sanh, The Hanoi Hilton and Accountability - Using examples from the history books, in this chapter you are urged not to be isolated and to seek help from others.
  5. Hearts Of Clay: Splitting And Reconnecting - This chapter focuses on the consequences of a hardened heart. It discusses the dynamic of splitting from others, yourself and from God. It then makes suggestions for reconnecting.
  6. The Devil Made Me Do It: Roach Motels and Punji Traps- Within the framework of personal responsibility, I discuss Satan¡¯s traps and the influence that he has over the world. I'll encourage you to be vigilant and aware.
  7. Authority - Trust - Power - This chapter explores the position of authority and trust that was broken every time you offended.
  8. Making Things Right Again: Redemption and a John Deere Tractor- In this chapter, the need for you to do what it takes to make things right again is discussed.
  9. Traps In A Box: Pornography and Deviant Sexual Fantasies - Here the ever -increasing problem of Internet pornography and the hold that it can have on any Christian man is explained.
  10. Heinous Crimes In Holy Places - The unique trauma that a victim endures when sexually abused in a church building is discussed.
  11. Priestly Collars And Flowing Robes: Symbols of Devotion? Or Coercion Tools? - This chapter discusses special clothing and symbols of authority, how they play a major role in offending behaviors and have a significant impact on victims.
  12. Spiritual Cosmetics and Thinking Errors - I will show you how correcting thinking errors is a scriptural concept and how the Bible encourages you to transform yourself "by the renewing of your mind." Included In this chapter are also some ¡㨲istian¡നinking errors that some persons who have committed a sexual offense use to avoid responsibility
  13. This Means War! Another Relapse Prevention Plan - This chapter shows you scriptural concepts supporting the relapse prevention plan. Here I make the point that you need to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, deal with your negative feelings in healthy ways, and avoid or escape high-risk situations.
  14. You Don¡¯t Have To Be The Giving Tree: A Chapter For The Non- Offending Parents - This Chapter is especially written for significant others, parents of your victims, or your wives (If you are married). It is written with the understanding of the difficult situation that you put them in.
  15. Rules to live by at Home and at Church - This chapter gives you guidelines, or rules of conduct for you in your home, community and church.
  16. Walk Humbly With Your God - I send you on your way and encourage you to walk the walk.