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More About Walk The Walk




¡�t of us (sex offender therapists) are presented with the occasional client who uses their religious faith as a foil to avoid the difficult work that this therapy entails. Tim Horton¡¯s book, Walk the walk: A treatment supplement for sex offenders with Christian beliefs, extends a knowing hand that connects treatment efforts to religious beliefs. It shows that Christian salvation is synonymous with taking responsibility and getting help to control deviant behavior. It also shows that spiritual power can be harnessed in the effort to do right. I would encourage all clinicians to examine this tool for their clients, and expect that many will also find the content informative and inspirational.¡쯩>
Tay Bosley, Psy.D. Program Director
Secure Care Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Services
New Jersey Training School for Boys, Jamesburg, NJ

"Finally there is a book that addresses Christian values and spirituality, while insisting that sex offenders be held accountable for their abuse! These two streams of thought are not polar opposites, can be integrated, and are woven into the same fabric with-in this text. I have especially found the 'Christian thinking errors' chapter useful with my clients."
Kim Batt-Lincoln, LPCP, Sexual Issues Specialist/Clinician.
Idaho State School and Hospital, Nampa, ID

¡᳠a sex offender therapist, I have found Walk The Walk to be very helpful in working with sex offenders who try to use a distorted view of Christianity to avoid treatment and accountability for their behavior. In a healthy and respectful manner, this workbook nicely combines the basic concepts of sex offender treatment and Christian beliefs. It helps sex offenders overcome their denial and resistance to sex offender treatment. Spiritual beliefs and specifically Christian teaching are not irrelevant to some sex offenders and others trying to create lasting change in their lives and to repair the damage to people they have hurt. If religious beliefs are not directly addressed by therapists, as they are in Walk The Walk, some sex offenders will have a difficult time involving themselves in sex offender treatment in a productive way. These sex offenders may wrongly believe that because they have been ¡毲given,¡നey no longer have to be concerned with sex offender treatment or be held accountable by secular authorities. I highly recommend this workbook for those sex offender therapists and their clients struggling to incorporate Christian teachings with sex offender treatment.¡쯩>
Tom Hearn, ACSW, Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider
North Idaho Treatment Associates


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Alive Man Walking
  2. Amazing Grace - Here I set the foundation for this book as the amazing grace of God. Without God¡¯s grace, there would be no reason to write this book
  3. Forgiveness, Consequences and the Symbionese Liberation Army - Using news from the headlines, I discuss the reality of the long-term consequences of your behavior, even though you are forgiven and covered by God's grace.
  4. You Are Not An Island: The Siege at Khe Sanh, The Hanoi Hilton and Accountability - Using examples from the history books, in this chapter you are urged not to be isolated and to seek help from others.
  5. The Devil Made Me Do It: Roach Motels and Punji Traps- Within the framework of personal responsibility, I discuss Satan¡¯s traps and the influence that he has over the world. I'll encourage you to be vigilant and aware.
  6. Making Things Right Again: Redemption and a John Deere Tractor- In this chapter, the need for you to do what it takes to make things right again is discussed.
  7. Traps In A Box: Pornography and Deviant Sexual Fantasies - Here the ever increasing problem of Internet pornography and the hold that it can have on any Christian man is explained.
  8. Spiritual Cosmetics and Thinking Errors - I will show you how correcting thinking errors is a scriptural concept and how the Bible encourages you to transform yourself "by the renewing of your mind." Included In this chapter are also some ¡㨲istian¡നinking errors that some persons who have committed a sexual offense use to avoid responsibility
  9. This Means War! Another Relapse Prevention Plan - This chapter shows you scriptural concepts supporting the relapse prevention plan. Here I make the point that you need to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, deal with your negative feelings in healthy ways, and avoid or escape high-risk situations.
  10. You Don¡¯t Have To Be The Giving Tree: A Chapter For The Non- Offending Parents - This Chapter is especially written for significant others, parents of your victims, or your wives (If you are married). It is written with the understanding of the difficult situation that you put them in.
  11. Rules to live by at Home and at Church - This chapter gives you guidelines, or rules of conduct for you in your home, community and church.
  12. Walk Humbly With Your God - I send you on your way and encourage you to walk the walk.