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Welcome to ACME HALO


Featuring two books intended to supplement treatment for religious and/or Clergy Sex Offenders


Walk The Walk: A Treatment Supplement For Sex Offenders With Christian Beliefs

By Tim Horton

Ducking From Angels - Falling From Grace: A Treatment Supplement For Clergy Who Sexually Offend

By Tim Horton

  Walk The Walk is a hard-hitting, yet respectful workbook for the Sex offender who has Christian beliefs. It is an integration of sex offender treatment concepts with Christian concepts. Scriptures from the Bible are used to support and complement treatment modalities commonly used in the sex offender treatment field such as Thinking Errors and Relapse Prevention.  
  This book is useful for:
  • The offender who has genuine guilt and remorse, attends a church, and is really struggling with how his faith fits into all of this.
  • The offender who seems to be hiding behind his Bible, trying to avoid responsibility or even treatment activities by quoting scripture.
  • Support systems of offenders, such as non-offending parents or Clergy who are struggling with the issue of forgiveness.
  Ducking From Angels is a special edition of Walk The Walk. Special Editing and four additional chapters make this book specifically applicable to Clergy.